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Find, Feed, and Free Your Inner Artist

Is your inner artist missing in action? Reconnect with artsy creativity using three handy tips to find, feed, and free your inner artist!

Human figure pushing against a red material to free their inner artist

Is there a Pablo Picasso, a Piet Mondrain, or even a Vincent van Gogh hiding inside you? Perhaps too fearful of emerging? Or is that inner artist screaming aloud — hoping to be discovered, hungry for creative nourishment, and looking for a way to escape? If you can relate to any of these sentiments, you've come to the right place!

Believe it or not, the inner artist who you knew and loved as a child never disappeared altogether. Now, it's quite possible that artist is hidden away as a result of a 5th-grade art teacher who told you your cat drawing didn't look like a cat (or similar equally-thoughtless critique). However, chances are, that inner artist just needs a little coaxing out of the shadows and into the light again. With a bit of encouragement and nurturing, unleashing your inner artist is not as tricky as you might think.

Art is not a thing; quote by Elbert Hubbard on a yellow background.

American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher Elbert Hubbard once said, "Art is not a thing; it is a way." The quote suggests that art is not just the cat drawing from 5th grade (the thing) — it is also the process of creating the drawing (the way).

You may have had a similar experience to the cat drawing, in that it caused you to stop making art and hide your creative voice. Sadly, however, when you stop creating art, the feeling of satisfaction and joy that comes with the process ceases as well. But take heart, it’s never too late to bring out your unique Picasso, Mondrian, or Van Gogh style. With a bit of guidance — finding, feeding, and freeing your inner artist will be a labor of love!

Three Tips to Help You Find, Feed, and Free Your Inner Artist

Smiling artsy man wearing a beret connecting with his inner artist and pointing to himself with a blue background.

[ No. 1 ] Take the Pledge

Looking for ways to connect with your inner artist and wanting art to be a part of your life is a bold first step. Be sure to celebrate that first step, praise yourself for taking it, tell yourself you are skilled enough to create any kind of art imaginable. Be brave as you plan for your adventure in art — explore styles and mediums, look to famous historical masters for inspiration. Pledge always to believe that you and your inner artist are one and the same!

Black and white zebra-stripe painted elephant sitting on a bench next to a cat connecting with art while looking at an artsy display.

[ No. 2 ] Make the Connection

Now we all know that wanting something doesn't make it so, and as we established, desire is only a first step. Next, if your goal truly is to reconnect with your long-lost inner artist, you'll need to immerse yourself in the artsy community. There are so many ways to do so that can help nourish and ultimately unleash your inner artist. Grab a friend and visit an art museum or a gallery, check out an art book from the library, hang out at art supply stores, sign up for an art class or workshop — keep an artsy eye out for our new and inspiring Facebook group! Any of these activities will not only help you reconnect with your inner artist — but they will also help you connect with other like-minded artists.

Bright, inspiring studio space with art supplies to connect with your inner artist.

[ No. 3 ] Create the Space

You might be asking, "What is so essential about the space in which you attempt to reconnect with your inner artist?" Because the space in which you work can be a catalyst for your creativity. While some artists may be fortunate enough to have a designated studio space, do not let lack of one sway you from nourishing your inner artist. However, try to find yourself a quiet, well-lit area. One that is easily protected from messy art supplies and hopefully surrounded by an abundance of inspiration. It's nice to have a place you can leave your art supplies out — but if that's not possible, keeping your tools and materials in a tackle box makes pick-up quick and easy.

These are just a few tips for finding, feeding, and freeing your inner artist. Continue to look for additional unique-to-you ways that will have your artsy self enjoying the process of creating art once again.

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