Find a mini adventure with step-by-step artsy information and Earth-friendly, premium materials including beeswax wrapped clay , sustainable wood clay tools and paintbrush

Mini Art Boxes for All Ages

Find big inspiration in a small box with artsy, mini-adventures using the Step-by-Step and premium materials to create your art your way.

How do Mini Art Boxes work?

Full of inspiration, the Step-by-Step includes artsy tips and facts complemented by colorful images sure to help you connect with your creative self.

••• DABBLE in artful knowledge!

Take time to boost your creativity with a mini-adventure. It's one of the simplest ways to dabble in an art concept or genre using the Step-by-Step to chart your artsy path.

••• DOODLE artsy designs!

You'll continue the stroll down your creative path with short artful activities and doodle ideas that are sure to build confidence in your artistic skills.

Your unique connection with an art concept or genre during your mini-adventure becomes the key to finding your creative voice.

••• DO delightful art!

Time to unpack the Earth-friendly, premium materials and kick self-doubt to the curb. You're ready to celebrate your creativity and do art!

With general instructions as a starting place, a mini-adventure will inspire you to boldly take your creativity to the next level and create your art your way.

Are you ready to create your art your way?


People are talking about their adventures in art!

"My friends and I were tired of doing the same old paint and sips, so we put together our own 'night in' and made wallflower vases."


Sheila B. 

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Art Adventure Box's premium, acrylic paints in recyclable glass paint pots make it possible to be creative and Earth-friendly