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Mindful creativity encouraged with a one-of-a-kind art journal and Earth-friendly premium materials

Mind 'n' Muse Art Boxes for Artsy Adults

Use the Adventure Guide with the Art Journal to spark mindful creativity. Create your art your way with the Step-by-Step and premium materials.

How do Mind 'n' Muse Art Boxes work?

The Art Adventure Guide is full of artsy information sure to spark creativity

More than the limited information you find in other art kits, the in-depth Adventure Guide includes hand-drawn pencil sketches that beautifully illustrate the story as well as fun prompts for creative inspiration.

••• EXPLORE fine art information!

Travel the pages of the Adventure Guide and shift your artistic curiosity into high gear. Be drawn into a fascinating story as you explore useful and engaging facts about fine art — or what we like to call ART-ifacts.

A one-of-a-kind art journal deepens art appreciation with a personal connection to fine art

••• DISCOVER fun art inspiration!

Log personal reflections in the Art Journal and set mindful creativity soaring to new heights. Famous masterpieces speak to the inner artist — listen and discover unique inspiration through art appreciation.

The Art Journal elevates the art box experience to a fun adventure in fine art. Stunning visuals and mixed media paper, combined with fun prompts, inspire the creative path to your artwork.

Create your art your way with Step-by-Step fine art inspiration and Earth-friendly, premium materials

••• CREATE artful happiness!

Unpack the premium materials and it's full steam ahead as you navigate your way to artsy fun. The endless possibilities will inspire you to create your art your way.

The Step-by-Step (complete with helpful tips and techniques) is more than just instruction — it's inspiration. You'll have everything you need to experience mindful creativity in your artistic happy place. 

Are you ready to create your art your way?

Create your art your way with Art Adventure Box products

People are talking about their adventures in art!

"I'm the first to admit that I'm no artist, but the journal made it so simple and fun to find my inner Van Gogh!"


Jeanne P. 

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Art Adventure Box's premium, acrylic paints in recyclable glass paint pots make it possible to be creative and Earth-friendly
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