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Discover the benefits of Earth-friendly creativity with colorful 100% merino wool felt, sustainable wooden clay tools, beeswax wrapped terra cotta air-dry clay, acrylic paints in glass pots, sustainable wood paint brushes, tapestry needle, no-slip grip scissors, burlap

Why Earth-friendly creativity?

sustainable cardboard background for close up of a child rolling clay with a sustainable wooden clay tool
Child's hands rolling all natural, air-dry clay with a sustainable, wood clay tool for Earth-friendly creativity

Safeguard natural resources by purchasing sustainable products today. Future generations will thank you tomorrow.

••• Protect the planet's assets!

sustainable cardboard background for premium, plastic-free art materials
Spark Earth-friendly creativity with premium materials including natural, air-dry clay packaged in beeswax, 100% wool felt, and recyclable glass paint jars to reduce landfill waste

Improve your environmental footprint by only using plastic-free packaging in your life. Doing good will have you feeling good.

••• Reduce landfill waste!

sustainable cardboard background for dice that spell the word less
Finger changing a letter on dice to spell the word less with a natural, green background

Less is more when it comes to being a good steward of the planet. Support buying smart — fill the heart, not the cart.

••• Be a thoughtful consumer!

Green Earth-friendly badge with handprints for environmentally friendly art kits

Are you ready for Earth-friendly creativity?

Create your art your way with Art Adventure Box products
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