discover the benefits of art with Mini Art Box Wall Flower Vase art kit contents including finished Wall Flower Vase masterpiece, sustainable wooden clay tools and rolling pin, beeswax wrapped terra cotta air-dry clay, acrylic glaze in glass pot, Earth-friendly paint brush, step-by-step directions, burlap

Why spark creativity with art?

Everyday doom and gloom can feel dark, so light up your life with art. After all, creativity is important for emotional well-being.

••• Find a happy place!

After a long, taxing day, let art be the creative outlet to help you unwind. Making masterpieces is a natural way to relieve tension.

••• Reduce stress levels!

Disconnect from electronics and reconnect with your artsy soul. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating something that lasts longer than a social media post.

••• Unplug and recharge!

Are you ready to get creative with art?

People are talking about their adventures in art!

"Who knew working with clay could be so fun and relaxing at the end of a long work week!"


Sheila B. 

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