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Artsy learning kaboodle activity sheet with colored pencils, acrylic paint pots, and paint brush

Art Kits 'n' Kaboodles for Creative Kiddos

Discover artsy learning with engaging kaboodles and premium materials that make creating unique art with children simple and fun.

How do Art Kits 'n' Kaboodles work?

Curious son and mother experience artsy learning kaboodle

It's never been more simple to explore fine art — just read the kaboodle to your child — you'll find questions are bold with answers and special instructions for you highlighted in blue type. It's like reading a bedtime story, but tons more fun!

••• Encourage CURIOSITY!

Begin your family's journey into artsy learning with the guided instruction section of the kaboodle. It's a map for a fun adventure in fine art, jam-packed with fascinating facts guaranteed to pique any child's curiosity. 

Mother and child engaged in artsy learning while looking at color wheel activity sheet


While on your creative travels, fuel your child's imagination with an engaging kaboodle activity sheet. It's the perfect place to collect artsy information  — and makes a wonderful souvenir of your family's fun adventure in fine art.

By reinforcing the information using the age-appropriate activity sheet, your child will discover inspiration through art appreciation. Check out sample activity sheets for all three levels — red ages 5-7, yellow ages 8-10, and blue ages 11-13. And have no fear — answer keys are here!

Smiling boy applying artsy learning while creating Fauvist inspired sandwich


Last stop on your family's fun adventure in fine art — you've arrived at creativity central. Time for your child to unpack the art kit provisions and take artsy learning to the next level with easy-to-follow directions, plus premium tools and materials.

Creating a unique masterpiece of art is ideal for your child to learn by doing — leading to better comprehension and retention of their kaboodle knowledge. It's holistic learning at it's finest, and that's why we like to say, "It's the whole kit 'n' kaboodle!"

Are you ready to start your art adventure?

Create your art your way with Art Adventure Box products

People are talking about their adventures in art!

"My son hasn't stopped talking about Van Gogh since we finished the kit. His clay masterpiece sits perfectly on the shelf..."


Jaimey P. 

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