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Cheryl Owens founder and CEO of Art Adventure Box and creator of Art to Know with MommyO  art appreciation blog in video set

Creative inspiration for everyone!

Picasso quote that every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist in black font with blue quote marks

Pablo was spot on! When it comes to creating art as children, we are blissfully oblivious to self-doubt. However, sometime during the process of growing up, we begin to question our artistic ability and even our creativity. 


As an art teacher, I knew that everyone had the potential to be artistically creative. So, I challenged myself to to inspire creativity through fine art for all ages. That was the beginning of Art to Know with MommyO™ — my brainchild — and the answer to Picasso's problem.

Colorful collage for Art to Know with MommyO, a blog and vlog where mini adventures in fine art are always fun art

Art to Know with MommyO provides a simple path to explore famous fine art and be inspired to make any day art with everyday materials. MommyO's blog, vlog, and fun, hands-on activities are sure to be the spark of creativity that ignites your artsy self.

Visit Art to Know with MommyO

Where mini-adventures in fine art are always fun art!

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