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Clay Art Kit for Adults

Check out our premiere Mind 'n' Muse Art Box. It's more than just a clay art kit for adults — it's an inspiring art adventure with Vincent van Gogh!

Mind 'n' Muse Box contents arranged on a mahogany table top including glass paint pots, Art Journal, Adventure Guide, Step-by-Step, colored pencils, beeswax-wrapped clay, wood clay tools, natural bristle paintbrushes to create your art your way.

There is no better way to free your inner artist than by observing the artworks and techniques of the famous masters with a Mind 'n' Muse Art Box. And what better artist with whom to start than the world's most beloved Post-Impressionist painter from the Netherlands — the Maestro of Impasto, himself — Vincent van Gogh!

Use Clay & Impasto á la Van Gogh — our unique clay art kit for adults — as your stepping stone to artistic awareness. See beyond the aesthetic obvious of Van Gogh's most well-known (and not-so-well-known) works of art by gazing into the tortured soul behind his masterpieces. Getting to know Vincent van Gogh more personally allows you special insight into the link between Vincent's colorful life and his colorful art.

A polka-dotted box with a Clay & Impasto á la Van Gogh box sleeve showing larger grey polka dots and black handprints. The box sits against a white background.

Gaining insight into Van Gogh, the man, as you observe the work of Van Gogh, the artist, will help you form a more profound connection with Vincent. That stronger connection between you, Vincent van Gogh, and his artwork can help you build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with art.

Customer quote: Van Gogh was so much more than Starry Night... it was just the inspiration I needed to step out of my comfort zone. The quote is set in white type against a bright red background made up of paint strokes.

We love that after trying Clay & Impasto á la Van Gogh, Kerry G. appreciated Van Gogh's artwork more and was able to find the inspiration to create! At Art Adventure Box®, we feel that sentiment perfectly embodies the Mind 'n' Muse Art Box! The experience of gathering knowledge and appreciating art, garnishing inspiration from that knowledge and appreciation, then creating your art your way makes this art box a one-of-a-kind adventure!

So, what does this all mean for YOUR inner artist? First, your artsy self will discover a multi-dimensional awareness and appreciation of Vincent van Gogh's fine art. In addition, this clay art kit for adults will position you smack-dab in the middle of a your best creative headspace with all the artistic inspiration you can imagine. And the best part is that with everything included in one super-cool box — the whole process is as simple as 1-2-3. So please continue reading below to see how easy it is to enjoy an adventure in #fineartfunart and create your art your way!

Clay & Impasto á la Van Gogh — A Clay Art Kit for Adults

The Art Adventure Box® Adventure Guide sitting open on a wood table top. There is a pencil illustration of a boot inside the guide and laying next to that is a watercolor illustration of a tan boot against a bright-green background.

[ No. 1 ] Explore fine art information!

Travel the pages of the Adventure Guide and find yourself drawn into the fascinating story of Vincent van Gogh's tumultuous life. Explore fascinating facts — or what we like to call ART-ifacts — about his private life and fabulous artwork. Combine the knowledge you gather with super-fun prompts, and voilá — your inner artist will emerge in no time, forming artsy ideas and recording them in your personal visual journal.

Art supplies including liquid watercolor paints, paintbrushes, an aluminum well palette, a pencil, and a mason jar filled with water. The Art Adventure Box® Art Journal is laying open amongst the supplies and there is a portrait of Vincent van Gogh, in addition to two of his sunflower paintings. There is also a watercolor painting of a sunflower being created using the art supplies.

[ No. 2 ] Discover fun art inspiration!

The engaging prompts found in the guide encourage you to verbally and artistically log your reflections on Vincent van Gogh's life and art within the pages of your unique Art Journal, providing plenty of opportunities to discover fun art inspiration through art appreciation. In addition, collecting ART-ifacts and sketches as souvenirs from your fun adventure in fine art provides you with plenty of artsy inspo to create your own masterpiece in the next step.

[ No. 3 ] Create artful happiness!

Now that you’ve freed and inspired your inner artist with fine art that’s fun art, it's time to create. So, unleash your inner artist as you unpack the Art Adventure Box® provisions and navigate full steam ahead to a work of art as unique as YOU — using the Step-by-Step for additional creative inspiration all along the way!

At Art Adventure Box®, we believe that art promotes mindfulness and happiness for humankind, which is good for the world. We also believe in using Earth-friendly tools and materials to create art, which is good for the planet!

We know that artsy adults — as well as creative kiddos — yearn for inspiration to create rather than strict instruction or art to replicate. Therefore, our passion is inspiring people from all walks of life, ages, and artistic potential to explore fine art, discover fun art, and create unique art. Considering that creativity should have no rules and art no bounds — we hold close to our mission of avoiding the copy-cat approach to creating art and including a one-of-a-kind art adventure in every box. Plus, we are committed to finding Earth-friendly, especially plastic-free, packaging for our products. And if you don't believe that, check out our beeswax-wrapped clay!

So, with our passion at heart and our mission in mind, we carefully curate each Art Adventure Box® product with oodles of artful knowledge, gobs of artistic inspiration, and a plethora of premium, Earth-friendly provisions — all thoughtfully designed to encourage you to create your art your way!

Red, yellow, and Blue handprints branded. Spark creativity. Ignite artsy.


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