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Beyond Painting by Numbers

Tired of the paint-by-number approach to art? Art Adventure Box® has everything you need to tap into your unique creativity and create your art your way.

Paints in small plastic cups used for painting by numbers

Art can be more than matching numbered paints to numbered shapes on a cardboard canvas. Creativity is the essence of art, and the act of making unique art allows us to be true to our creative selves. So the takeaway is pretty simple — create your art your way!

Unfortunately, store shelves are full of art kits offering the paint-by-numbers approach, in which users are instructed to copy rather than inspired to create! The result produced with this kind of kit is — at best — predictive, unoriginal, and bland.

We understand that it can feel safe to hide your creative self behind instruction — behind someone choosing the subject for your art and then telling you exactly how to do it. But be brave, like famous French Fauvist Henri Matisse once said: "Creativity takes courage."

Creativity takes courage quote by Henri Matisse on red background

No one gets the importance of unique creativity better than Art Adventure Box® — which is why we support you throughout your artistic journey. Our products are full of artful knowledge, confidence-building activities, and premium materials designed to empower and inspire you to create your art your way!

Celebrate the idea that an art kit can provide endless creative possibilities so that you can set your art apart. Case in point, we're happy to share artwork from creators who didn't let conformity crush their creativity and dared to do art differently with Art Adventure Box®. These unique works of art were all created using Clay & Impasto á la Van Gogh — a Mind 'n' Muse Art Box.

So what sets Art Adventure Box® apart from the other art kits sitting on those store shelves?

The Art Adventure Guide found in Mind 'n' Muse Art Boxes is full of artsy information sure to spark creativity and ignite artsy

[ No. 1 ] UNIQUE inspiration!

Art Adventure Box® products encourage you to ditch the drive-by art trivia and paint-by-number approach found in other kits and subscription boxes. At the same time, you'll embrace your creativity through a more in-depth and meaningful experience. Jam-packed with engaging, artful knowledge — it's unique inspiration that will set your inner artist soaring.

Create your art your way with Step-by-Step fine art inspiration and Earth-friendly, premium materials

[ No. 2] PREMIUM materials!

You'll never find pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks in an Art Adventure Box® product. Instead, you'll discover high-quality tools and premium materials curated for the discerning art kit consumer who desires to make and display unique, original artwork, not cookie-cutter crafts to stash in a drawer.

Be creative and Earth-friendly at the same time with premium materials including beeswax-wrapped, all-natural air-dry clay with fun cartoon-style bees

[ No. 3] GREEN for the planet!

Think creatively for the planet too. Art Adventure Box® products are never landfill fodder. Other kits and subscription boxes have plastic and unsustainable materials, which are hazardous to the environment. By using Earth-friendly, sustainable materials and substituting wool, glass, and even beeswax for plastics — we guarantee there will be less for the landfill and more treasured art for your walls.

Let art be a more mindful expression of YOUR creativity than matching paint colors to shapes by numbers. Next time you would like to express your creativity through art, consider Art Adventure Box® — where you're inspired to create your art your way!

Ready to go beyond painting by numbers and create your art your way?

red, yellow and blue hand prints are Art Adventure Box's reminder to to spark creativity and ignite artsy


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