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Be All-In for a Creative Out-let

Does connecting with your creative self get lost in a busy schedule? Discover three reasons you need to keep a creative outlet on your to-do list.

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When was the last time you can honestly say that you were all-in for a creative out-let? How long has it been since you allowed yourself a little creative me-time? If you can't recall the last time you expressed your creativity for the fun of it — then you are past due because the benefits are remarkable!

Having a creative outlet is good for you — really good for you! The consensus within the medical community is that those who make time regularly for creative expression are all-around healthier — both mentally and physically. So treat yourself to a creative outlet — you're worth it.

We all need a creative outlet quote by Zoketsu Norman Fischer on blue background

American poet, writer, and Soto Zen priest Zoketsu Norman Fischer clearly understood the risk of neglecting our creative souls when he said. "We all need to have a creative outlet - a window, a space - so we don't lose track of ourselves." His observation regarding the consequence of forsaking the need for a creative outlet was spot on — lest we lose ourselves — further illustrating the importance of taking time for creativity.

The possibilities for creative outlets should be limited only by the constraints of your imagination. Of course, there are plenty of fine and performance art-centric outlets — drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, singing, photography, dance, etc. And there are just as many non-artsy outlets too — baking, hiking, beading, knitting, writing, building, solving puzzles, etc. No matter what outlet you choose, you should note the benefits immediately!

Three Reasons to be All-In for a Creative Out-let

alarm clock with red numbers as reminder to make time for a creative outlet

[ No. 1 ] Break from Everyday Life

We're living in highly turbulent times. Employment demands, social pressures, and constant technological distractions are the bane of modern man's existence. It is more challenging than ever to find the time to unplug and unwind. Having a creative outlet offers people the incentive to escape reality and seek sanctuary in a relaxing activity. No matter what your creative pleasure, it's sure to distract you from the stresses of life. And most people who regularly set aside time for their creativity agree that a creative outlet can also help fill voids and eliminate feelings of despair. So make sure to take time to exercise your creativity daily.

brightly painted head silhouette on black background as a reminder that creativity is important for a healthy mind, body, and soul

[ No. 2 ] Healthy Mind/Body/Soul

It makes sense that if you're taking time for yourself to engage in an enjoyable, creative activity, you will find yourself feeling better mentally, physically, and for some, even spiritually! Having a creative outlet to express your creativity frees your mind of negativity. It can rid your mind and soul of gloomy thoughts — nothingness, purposelessness, hopelessness, isolation, disconnection, and confusion — which lead to depression and anxiety, taking a toll upon overall physical health. Scientific studies have shown that regular devotion to a creative outlet not only increases happiness — it also boosts the immune system, lowers the heart rate, and reduces blood pressure. Creative activities are proven highly effective treatments against Alzheimer's and Dementia in elderly patients as well.

brown clipboard with note saying step out of your comfort zone as a reminder to look for creativity with new adventures

[ No. 3 ] Experience Adventures

A creative activity in which you dabbled within the past can be an excellent place to start your latest journey to creativity. There is certainly something to be said for the comfort zone. However, there is also something to be said for exploring new things! Don't let fear of the unknown keep you from seeking and trying new creative outlets. Although sometimes trying new things out of your comfort zone can feel like a daunting task — in the long run, it can help you conquer those same fears in the future. In the short run, it allows you to expand your mind, your knowledge, and your horizons. Not only will you have new experiences, but you'll find that you learn lots of new things about yourself too!

Once you embrace the need for a creative outlet and choose your path to creativity — you will be well on your way to experiencing the benefits.

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