Paper Cutouts & Cartoons

Your fun family adventure begins with Henri Matisse and Chic Young — a very unlikely artistic duo! Children will marvel at how much the two artists had in common. They'll also have a blast cooking up their very own version of the towering multi-layered sandwich made famous in the Blondie cartoon strip using our Paper Cutouts & Cartoons Art Kit 'n' Kaboodle. What better way to EXPLORE Fauvism and cartooning than through the art of famed French Fauvist Henri Matisse and his cartooning counterpart Chic Young! Not only do children DISCOVER the interesting details of each artist's life, they also LEARN about the artistic techniques for which each became so famous. Children love to trace, cut, and glue colorful paper as they create fine art masterpieces using Paper Cutouts & Cartoons!


  • 100% Recycled Substrate (13-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 1/4")
  • Brightly-Colored Paper Palette (12/colors)
  • Sandwich Fixins' Pattern Stencil Sheets (2)
  • Stainless Steel 'No-Slip Grip' Scissors
  • 1 oz. Glass Pot of Paper Glue
  • 1 oz. Glass Pot of Acrylic Découpage Glaze
  • Sustainable Wood & Bristle Paintbrushes (3)
  • Sustainable Wood 3-1/2" Colored Pencils (5)
  • Waxed Paper
  • No. 2 Pencil
  • Hands-On Directions

Written Materials:

  • Guided Instruction and Visuals
  • Activity Sheet and Answer Key

Paper Cutouts & Cartoons

Written Materials Format

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