Groovy Gargoyle

Rock your creativity with the mystique of medieval monsters!


Open this Mini Art Box and find everything you need to create your art your way! Far-out creativity is cool as you DABBLE in the history of gothic guardians. Groovy Gargoyle inspires you to DOODLE rad designs, giving these medieval monsters a modern makeover. Now it's time to DO and sculpt life into that lump of air-dry clay.


And violá — you have created groovy gargoyle!



  • Doodle Paper
  • Beeswax-Wrapped Air-Dry Clay (2 lbs.)
  • Sustainable Wood Clay Mini Rolling Pin
  • Sustainable Wood Clay Modeling Tools (5)
  • 1 oz. Glass Pot of Acrylic Glaze
  • Sustainable Wood & Natural Bristle Paintbrush (1)
  • No. 2 Pencil

Written Materials:

  • Step-by-Step Inspiration


Box Boosters are available as Free Resources on the website!

  • Groovy Gargoyle Characters

Groovy Gargoyle

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