Everyone has an inner artist. 

Connect with yours.

Full of artful knowledge, confidence-building activities, and premium materials, Art Adventure Box™ products empower and

inspire you to create a unique masterpiece.

From art boxes to art kits 'n' kaboodles and all the artful whatnots along the way, it's everything needed to spark creativity and ignite artsy

for artsy people of all ages — 5 to 105! 

Mind 'n' Muse art box contents are full of mindful creativity with art journal, sunflower images, colored pencils, liquid watercolor paints

Your creative self deserves more than paint-by-numbers. Take some 'me time' to explore mindful creativity and discover a personal connection to fine art within every art box.

••• Mind 'n' Muse Art Boxes

Mom and son looking at Art Kits 'n' Kaboodles full of artsy learning for families with guided instruction and activites, acrylic paints, clay tools

Make fine art fun for young artists. Enjoy artsy learning and family together time with an art kit that encourages curiosity, fosters imagination, and sparks creativity for children ages 5-13. 

••• Art Kits 'n' Kaboodles

Mini Art Box box contents are full of mini-adventures with wall flower vase and Earth-friendly materials including beeswax wrapped clay, sustainable wood paint brushes and clay tools

Big artsy inspiration CAN come in a small package. Pencil a bit of time into your schedule and treat your creative self to a mini-adventure in art.

••• Mini Art Boxes

Not sure how to connect with your inner artist?

Learn which art adventure is right for you.

 Looking for mindful creativity designed for artsy adults?

Mind 'n' Muse Art Boxes

Discover mindful creativity with contents of Mind 'n' Muse Art Box with adventure guide, art journal, and Eart-friendly materials including colored pencils, sustainable wood paint brushes and clay tools, acrylic paints, aluminum paint palette

Looking for artsy learning designed for creative kiddos?

Art Kits 'n' Kaboodles

Explore artsy learning for families with contents of Art Kit 'n' Kaboodle including engaging guided instruction and activities, and Earth-friendly materials including colored pencils, sustainable wood paint brushes, no-slip-grip scissors, acrylic glaze, colorful collage papers

Looking for mini-adventures designed for all ages?

Mini Art Boxes

Enjoy a mini-adventure in art with contents of Mini Art Box including engaging info, step-by-step directions, and Earth-friendly materials including sustainable wood clay tools and paint brush, beeswax wrapped clay, acrylic glaze

Art Adventure Box is creative inspiration for all ages!

Curious about the benefits of creativity?

 Tapping into creativity with ART is great for improving emotional well-being.

 Sparking creativity with ADVENTURE is an awesome way to find happiness.

 Creating in an EARTH-FRIENDLY way is good for you and the planet too.